Designer Tips to Make your Home Look Bigger Hint: It’s an optical illusion.

Use Light Colors and Open up a Space with Natural Light

Lighter paint and upholstery colors can make the room look larger by reflecting light. Off-white has a timeless appeal, and soft hues of blues and greens are trending.   A dark room makes a small space seem even smaller, while natural light can make your home appear larger.
Hide the Clutter

Too many items that are all clamoring for attention can make the room feel busy and crowded. Store items away from sight to avoid an overcrowded look. A beautiful accent piece is a good way to express your good taste, hide the clutter, and expand a small room.
Use mirrors to make your room look larger and give it the illusion of depth.  Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room brighter during the day and night.  
Hang floor-to-ceiling curtains. Long curtains just below the ceiling instantly make ceilings look higher.

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