Embrace Sustainability and Timeless Elegance with Napa Furniture at Southern Heritage Home

At Southern Heritage Home, we believe in curating furniture that isn’t just beautiful and functional, but also kind to our planet. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to feature the Napa Furniture line in our showroom. This collection elegantly marries sustainability, comfort, and enduring design, creating pieces that enhance your home while respecting the environment.

Napa Furniture Design is a unique manufacturer that crafts all-wood furniture from hardwoods grown in their own managed tree farms. This sustainable approach ensures the reduction of chemicals used during manufacturing, making a significant contribution to a healthier environment. But the company’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. Napa adheres to a policy of returning materials to the land, ensuring the forests from which they source their materials remain alive and thriving. This dedication to sustainable timber harvesting is a testament to their deep respect for the environment, adding a layer of value to their products that goes beyond aesthetics.

A standout piece from the Napa Furniture line is the Whistler dining chair. This chair is a remarkable blend of Shaker style, contemporary sensibility, and a touch of rustic influence, made from solid mango wood and finished with a hand-rubbed stain. The Whistler chair doesn’t just showcase the richness and natural beauty of the wood—it also exemplifies Napa’s commitment to comfort and usability.

The Whistler chair is designed with ergonomics at its core, allowing for hours of comfortable sitting. Whether you’re engrossed in a board game with family, savoring a leisurely dinner, or working from home, the Whistler chair provides the support and comfort you need. This thoughtful design is a testament to Napa’s understanding that great furniture isn’t just about how a piece looks, but also how it supports and enhances our everyday lives.

Whissler Dining Table by NAPA

Another key aspect that sets Napa Furniture apart is their commitment to creating “heirloom quality” pieces. Napa’s meticulous manufacturing process, from the use of certified lumber to their 17-step hand finishing process, ensures that when you invest in a piece from Napa, you’re not just buying furniture. You’re welcoming a timeless piece into your home that will last a lifetime. The robust construction techniques like Mortise & Tenon and English dovetailed drawers guarantee the durability of each piece, making them worthy of being passed down through generations.

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