Furniture Lead Time Frustrations and Solutions

“Let our Design Consultants help you maneuver through the hurdles of lead times, Covid climate, shipping, and supply chain issues.”

Kathy Gordon – President, Southern Heritage Home
Moving in New Furniture
This couple is so happy to have their new furniture arrive.

If you have been furniture shopping lately you may have learned a few of those terms mentioned above.  We work with manufacturers and customers every day and we are experts.  We have the answers and if there is a way around any of these hurdles, we will find it for you.  
What you could expect:
The first thing you should know is that both Covid and the February freeze in Texas and Alabama have affected our domestic upholstery manufacturing sector, as shutdowns have created a shortage of foam, used to make bedding and upholstery furniture.  So there could be a delay with orders.  Plan ahead! 
Also, expect delays with shipments from overseas. Furniture stores have seen sales spike over this past year, as everyone has been home and remodeling, this has put pressure on manufacturers worldwide, so shipment delays during the pandemic.
Be patient, be flexible with style and color and trust the experts at Southern Heritage Home.  Many forecasters predict we will be recovering from these delays by mid-summer.  
Remember, in many cases, you can shop off of our showroom floor.  We have 85,000 Square feet of showroom space to walk through and explore.

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