In Home Delivery

We can recommend several delivery options for your purchase. Prices and service times are established by the delivery company and as such we have no control of them. We assure you we try to work with the best in the industry and they understand if they don’t do a good job for you, we will discontinue giving those companies referrals.

You must contract directly with the delivery company and they will contact you to schedule your delivery. Flexibility is the key because in order for them to survive they must run efficient delivery routes. If you have special requests for times or dates- they may have to charge you extra to accommodate you, if they are able to do it.

As noted in your conditions of sale, it is your responsibility to make sure items will fit into desired areas. You should make sure the area is ready to receive your new goods. Your delivery team is paid to bring in and place the items (one time) where you want them. If the additional movement of product is required, you must work it out with your delivery team and if appropriate provide them with additional compensation.

Make sure you measure not just where the furniture is going but hallways, doorways, etc. to ensure the piece you ordered will fit! The delivery teams will do all they can but if a piece is too large to fit they will still charge you a delivery fee even if it doesn't fit.

Make sure the area where you want your furniture is free and clear of any items that could obstruct the delivery team from getting the piece in your home. Most delivery companies are not allowed to move existing furniture or will charge extra to do so.

Make sure pets are secure so they and the delivery team are safe.

Drivers are not allowed to install electronics, assemble cribs, or hang anything on your walls so have a plan for how these items get placed once your delivery takes place.

Drivers are limited on what they can lift by insurance and government regulations so be prepared to have extra help at the home on delivery day if you know a piece weighs more than 300lbs.

Inspect your product closely with your delivery driver because all items have been inspected prior to their picking up and if any problems have occurred during transit- it must be noted on the delivery document to support your claim.

Upon delivery of your furniture, please inspect each piece for freight damage BEFORE signing the freight bill. Make the truck driver wait for you while the furniture is inspected. Refuse any damaged piece(s) and make a notation of refusal on the freight bill. Refusing delivery of these items makes the freight company responsible for these damages.

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